Commercial Pilot Licence

Fly Over the World not as Passenger but as a Pilot

We open gates for the young talents who are looking for the great opportunities. Aviation course has got with much demand in the society as they are considered as the high-collar jobs. More than salary every people have the ambition to fly over the world. Boarding the flight as passenger does not give you much excitement rather than a driving. We help the students who are searching for right platform to land their dreams. Aviation course is not just like any other course one should have educational qualification and physical eligibility to start over any type of aviation course. Rajiv Gandhi aviation started with a goal to equip young aspirants into expert pilot with license to drive over the international air planes. We focus on tutoring our students about all technical things and safety skills applied over the aviation. Whether you want to be a professional aviator or just to get license for occasional fly go through the courses before choosing one.

Broaden your Knowledge at Right Platform

Normally aviation courses have different course duration based on the course you pick. For commercial pilot license, the course period will be 2 and half years. In this duration students are fully equipped with both ground knowledge as well as the aviation skills. Aviation institute provide exclusive training space to conduct the real time training offering maximum hours to fly to understand more about the engine control. The Commercial pilot license course enrich students with real time sessions by giving 200 hours of fly time in the duration of 18 months course. Session hours are also handled in simulators with 120 degree ground view and also real time training in terrains and airports. Those who are 18 years old with minimum educational qualification can enroll up their names to get admission in our institute. Pilot Course also include depth knowledge about air regulations, principles of flight, aero engines, aircraft systems, flight simulators, navigation, meteorology, radio and navigation aids, theory and practical of radio telephony, human performance and limitations.

Nowadays both gender show equal interest in joining the aviation courses. Choose your platform and prepare yourself to compete in the entrance exam for pilot course. Students should be physically fit, institute conduct preliminary medical test before giving admission. Those who are succeeded in medical test are able to join the aircraft training. Top airlines are looking for professionals with strong academic skills for their airplanes. Prepare yourself for the high paid job by doing the course at right institution.