Instrumental Rating-Course



This course includes instrument navigation, instrument cross-country flight and instrument emergency procedures. It provides training for flying on instruments, meteorological conditions and in the clouds. It gives pilot precision flying skills in an increasingly complex air traffic system.

Training for the Instrument Rating provides the skills necessary to fly in instrument meteorological conditions. Besides teaching you to fly “on the gauges,” instrument flight training will teach you to fly with precision in an increasingly complex air traffic system. Addition of the instrument rating will provide new usefulness arid versatility to your licence.


Educational Qualification:
  • Private or Commercial Pilot licencee
  • 100 hours of flight time as PIC including 50 hours of cross-country
  • Current FRTO and COP/RT/R licence
  • Knowledge of Morse code
  • Total 40 hours of instrument flying
  • 20 hrs actual on aircraft
  • 20 hour on stimulator
  • Physical Fitness:Class I Medical (Indian)
  • Age:Above 18 years)
  • Duration:2 months
  • Fee:As per the current fee charges
  • Certification:DGCA-Ministry of Civil aviation