Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute - AMEI


Aircraft maintenance engineering is one of the most fascinating careers for young talented students. It is a dynamic and vibrant sector of the global aviation industry, which underpins enormous commercial and social benefits. The aviation industry is highly competitive and needs well-trained individuals capable of working effectively within a rapidly changing environment. Established in 1995, The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute of RG Aviation (a unit Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy) is a premier AME training Institute, approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, (D.G.C.A.), India, dedicated itself in grooming a breed of efficient, knowledgeable and skilled engineering professionals to cater to the ever growing demand of Aviation Industry.

We offer fully integrated Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course. Our highly experienced team of instructors and practical trainers conduct practice-oriented, advanced technical training course that provides the knowledge and skills you need for a career in the aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul sector of the Aviation Industry. Our training program is renowned for its consistency and relevance to the fast changing demands of the aviation industry. We have trained students from India and around the world to help them achieve their dreams of becoming an Aircraft maintenance engineer (AME).

In addition to some of most advance training facilities and infrastructure, we have a fleet of world-renowned Cessna aircrafts, our own hangar, where practical training is offered to the students. As there will be several expert hands at the hangar, the students get an opportunity to be trained at the international level for maintenance of all types of airlines. We develop students’ ability in engineering, design and management, and be able to make an immediate contribution in the workplace. We have teamed up with many airlines to provide performance-driven training solutions to our students that meet complete requirement of the Aviation Industry. Our students graduate career-ready with a strong academic foundation and the most comprehensive training available. Our students are now holding enviable positions in premier aviation organizations in India and abroad.

Our Focus:

  • To provide advanced Technical Education - Theoretical as well as Practical Training on Live Aircrafts, maintenance procedures.
  • To comply Airworthy Standards as stipulated by DGCA (India), F.A.A (USA), EASA (Europe) and ICAO.
  • To ensure Training on safety and reliability of aircraft.
  • To assure students 100% On the Job Training assistance on completion of the scheduled training program as per guidelines of DGCA, and the consequence of process which guarantees a suitable placement in any aviation companies.

With our most advanced training facilities, expert instructors and practical trainers, we bring you the finest AME training available in the Industry using our comprehensive DGCA approved syllabus. Our Course offers insightful theoretical classes followed by practical training on workshop practices, laboratory procedures, calibration, testing and other instrumentation tests as well as ground running and servicing of aircraft engines, airframes and systems.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is offered in the following streams:

Mechanical Stream:

  • Light Aircraft
  • Piston Engine

Avionics Stream:

  • Electrical System (ES)
  • Instrument System (IS)
  • Radio Navigation (RN)

The two streams of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - 1. Mechanical covers Airframe and Engine, and 2. Avionics that deals with Electrical, Instrument and Radio Navigation systems. Aircraft maintenance engineer is a licenced Engineer. To be successful Engineer person have to get licence from DGCA, Govt. of India.

Course Duration:

The duration of the AME Course is three years, which includes two and a half years (2 ˝ Yr) of in-house training and six months of On-the-Job Practical Training in any DGCA approved maintenance organization. The Two and half years (2 ˝ Yr) in-house training is divided into five semesters (each semester of six month duration)

Our institute has tied up with leading MRO organisation to ensure our students get the best on-the-job experience. A major advantage our students have is that our organisation has its own world-class MRO services company competent to offer the best service in Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Course Schedule:

Every year, two batches are conducted per stream that starts from July. Each batch consists of a maximum 30 students (as approved by DGCA).

Course Schedule:

AME licence holders are in good demand as the Aviation industry has been expanding rapidly in India and abroad. Many new airlines have started operations and the civil aviation field has seen a number of new aircraft joining the fleets every month which has resulted in a large number of vacancies for aircraft technicians and engineers.

Our students are holding managerial positions and playing key roles in different International and National Airlines. We have an elaborate success story of our Institute with our students working as full scope Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in key positions in leading aircraft maintenance companies.

Some of these organizations include Indian Airlines, Air India & Alliance Air, Pawan Hans, Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways, Go Air, Paramount Airways, Indigo Airlines, Spice Jet, Blue Dart, Gulf Air, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, GAMCO, British Airways, Nepal Airlines.