Career opportunities at RG Aviation

Here at RG Aviation we offer you a host of opportunities in our global facilities, an exciting and fulfilling career within the dynamic aviation industry, and a quality-centric environment where you can take pride in your work.

As we have one of the largest and most diverse customer bases in the industry, you will have the opportunity to service an international clientele and work on a vast range of aircraft, including some of the newest and most advanced models. In addition, you will be part of a truly global organisation with facilities all over the world, spanning the Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe. Such unique career prospects are what you can expect at ST Aerospace.

With the growth of air travel worldwide and constant advances of leading edge aircraft design and engineering technology, the aviation industry offers a wealth of potential. A huge market exists for aspiring individuals to develop their careers in aerospace engineering development and repair and overhaul services

RG Aviation offers compelling value that is beyond traditional pilot training for the attainment of flight licences. With our top-rated aircrafts and facilities, accredited training methodologies, industry preparation and career facilitation services, RG Aviation will realize your dreams of being a highly demanded pilot or in today’s aviation industry.

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