Private Pilot Training

Flap Your Wings to Start Your Journey With Us

Getting a degree in aviation course is not a simple thing like getting any other graduation degrees. One should have passion and strong determination that keeps them motivated towards their goal. There are so many institutions for doing your dream passion but all those won’t enrich you right academic foundation. You need to explore about the professional academic institutions that have lots of experience tutoring aviation courses. Some institutes may not have enough good infrastructure and training facilities to provide proper training for pilot course. New advancements in aviation engineering has been updated with technology that caters new techniques to the students. Only few academies provide more technical knowledge as well as real time flight experience to the students. Rajiv Gandhi aviation academy is an established training institute that has lots of experience in this training industry. They are partnered with lot of international airlines to equip advanced learning and practical training in aviation. They are different courses in aviation that gives depth knowledge about the airplane mechanism and safety skills.

Criteria for getting a pilot license

We have choices in fulfilling your dream job, if you want to be professional pilot or wish to drive for fun then it is possible here. In the pilot training there are two different courses handled in Rajiv Gandhi institute, one is private pilot license course and other is commercial pilot license course.

If you are interested in becoming a private pilot then join the course after competing entrance examination in aviation academy. The course duration will be 6 months in this period you will be guided more knowledge about driving a plane also with safety measures. Even for a fun ride you need to get proper technical knowledge that helps you to become a good aviator in future. In the duration of 6 months course we provide 60 hours of real time flying experience to educate more knowledge to handle situations in bad weather, terrains and airports. Students must have minimum educational qualification of 10th completion, well physical fitness. The selection process includes two rounds which are conducted by DGCA those who score 70 % are chosen to do the pilot license course. We create good placement opportunity by collaborating with top airline companies. Our alumni’s are now successful pilots in different international airline companies.